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Spinal Health and Stretch Series

Your wellness journey will benefit with these gentle stretches that target the spine and surrounding muscles, establishing a foundation for better posture and mobility. This five-week journey will move you towards enhanced mobility and a deeper connection with your body.

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Improve your mobility and spinal health with gentle, restorative stretches and low-impact exercises you can do anywhere.


The Spinal Health and Stretch Series is for you if...


You can't stretch and move like you used to

Elevate your mobility and stretching journey with exercises designed to expand your range of motion and fortify your foundation. Progressively refine your movement and balance with this gentle five-week series.


You have aches and pain in your back all day

Lose the back pain and start feeling better quickly with effective routines that focus on your comfort and progress, making fitness an enjoyable part of your healthier, happier daily routine.


Today's typical fitness style is not for you

Say goodbye to overwhelming workouts! Enjoy our simple, easy-to-follow program, designed to deliver noticeable improvements in the first week. Get step-by-step guidance, and celebrate every win.

This Series Includes


Series Introduction

Start off with a quick series introduction, and learn about Inclusive Movement.


Week 1 • 5 Video Lessons

Start your journey with gentle stretches that target the spine and surrounding muscles, establishing a foundation for better posture and mobility.


Week 2 • 5 Video Lessons

Focus on exercises that enhance the core and spinal support, increasing strength with stretches that promote alignment and reduce tension.


Week 3 • 5 Video Lessons

Dive deeper into stretches that further mobilize the spine, introducing movements that increase range of motion and flexibility in key areas.


Week 4 • 5 Video Lessons

Expand your routine with dynamic stretches and low-impact exercises designed to boost overall mobility and encourage spinal health.


Week 5 • 5 Video Lessons

Conclude the series by integrating comprehensive stretching routines that encompass full-body mobility, ensuring a harmonious balance between spinal health and total body flexibility.


5-Day Maintenance Routine • 5 Video Lessons

Maintain the improvements you made during the Spinal Health and Stretch Series with just five focused sessions each week, structured to ensure sustained flexibility, strength, and mobility.


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