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Hello! I'm Justine.

I'm an Osteopath, Kinesiologist, and a mom striving to make wellness accessible for everyone.

My approach to wellness is grounded in my personal belief that fitness should be inclusive, enjoyable, and part of everyday life.

Through Inclusive Movement, I aim to bring this philosophy to life, offering a space where fitness is not just about workouts, but about building a supportive community, and nurturing our bodies and minds in a compassionate way.

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The problem is that the traditional exercise culture is not suitable for a huge percentage of the population.

I want to change that.

My transition from an athlete to a mother reshaped my view on fitness. It's not about 'no pain, no gain,' but about nurturing and balancing our bodies.

I'm here to demonstrate that fitness is accessible to all, not just those with trainers or gym memberships, but in the comfort of your own space and pace.

Justine Treadwell
B.Kin, M.OMSc., RHEP, Reiki II

"Okay, but how can I exercise at home?"

In my osteopathy practice, the most common questions I hear are about exercising at home, especially for those with limited mobility. If you've tried online resources or personal trainers and found them unsuitable or intimidating, you are not alone. 

I aim to provide comfortable, safe, and effective routines for all fitness levels, ensuring everyone can participate in improving their health.

And you can do it too!

My mission

To help people enjoy healthier, happier lives through guided movement.

‚úď 11 years of experience
‚úď 400+ in-person patients
‚úď 3,500+ students¬†helped

My three core beliefs

Fitness should be accessible

No matter your age or physical ability, fitness should be within your reach. It's about adapting to individuals so that everyone can participate in and benefit from exercise.

Progress is consistent, small steps

In health and fitness, every small step matters. It's not about making huge leaps overnight, but about steady, sustainable progress that adds up over time.

Community is vital for this journey

Building a strong, inclusive community is key to maintaining motivation and achieving health goals. It's not just about individual progress but about lifting each other up.

I'm here for...

Simple starts

Easy movement

Determined mindsets

Community support

Self appreciation

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