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Discover the ease of stress-free fitness with Inclusive Movement's All-Access Pass. Enjoy structured video workouts focused on mobility, strength, and well-being that can be done in your own space at your own pace!

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With Inclusive Movement, it's not about pushing hard; it's about moving smart. Get the All-Access Pass to discover these benefits:

Tailored Workouts Just for You

Whether you're stretching for the first time or looking to deepen your practice, we've got your back with routines that fit just right.

A Full-Body Approach

We're talking strength, flexibility, and a pinch of joy in every workout. Because feeling good is the whole point, right?

A Community That Gets It

Led by Justine, our community is here to share, support, and lift each other up. Plus, you'll get direct access to Justine's expertise in live Q&As and workouts.

Look, we get it

Finding time for your fitness is more difficult than ever

The Gym Takes a Lot of Time

Busy schedules can make it difficult to prioritize fitness. Getting to the gym and personal training sessions can take up a lot of time.

A Lack of Inclusive Programming

Most fitness programs don't cater to varying abilities, ages, or health concerns. The lack of inclusivity can make it really difficult to find a program that fits.

Social Media vs. Reality

Fitness is often portrayed as high-intensity, sweat-drenched workouts performed by people with perfect bodies. This unrealistic expectation is intimidating and discouraging for all of us normal folk.

Here's the truth

It doesn't have to be this way

Now you can dive into a fitness world where you're the star, and your goals are the main script. With Inclusive Movement's All-Access Pass, you're not just joining a program; you're stepping into a supportive family that cheers for every win.

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"The exercises are so easy to start, and I felt results in the first week! Inclusive Movement has helped me lose weight and stay motivated."

Robin, All-Access Pass Member
Introducing the

All-Access Pass

The All-Access Pass is your easiest way to a healthier, happier you through guided exercises, expert insight and a supportive community. Your reliable, inclusive fitness journey has never been this easy.

Guided Videos

Our guided videos are like having a personal trainer in your living room, ready to adapt to your pace, mood, and space.

Supportive Community

Join our inclusive member  group where you can interact with others, get encouraged, and take part in monthly challenges.

Unlimited Programs

With unlimited access to every program, and new programs every month, you will always have something new to explore.

Live Workouts and Q&As

Get up close and personal with Justine in live workouts and Q&A sessions. Share your story, and help build the movement!

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How does this sound?

Your life after getting the All-Access Pass

  • You start each day with a workout perfectly tailored to your needs, feeling uplifted and ready to tackle anything.
  • You're an integral part of a supportive community, where your questions spark growth and achievements are celebrated.
  • You enjoy unlimited access to a diverse range of programs, all enhancing your mobility, strength, and overall well-being.
  • You're able to interact with experts in wellness, making your fitness journey an engaging and shared experience.
  • Your fitness goals are now within reach, with the freedom to exercise in your space, on your schedule, forever changing how you view and engage in fitness.

Charity saw immediate results

"I felt more energy pretty much immediately. And there was no pain the next day!"

Lisa feels more aligned

"Inclusive Movement has helped align my body, and work on areas that were painful before."

Ready to see results for yourself? Get immediate access!

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  • Unlimited access to all video workouts
  • First access to new monthly programs
  • PDF guides and courses
  • Members-only community (Coming Soon)
  • Live workouts and Q&As with Justine (Coming Soon)
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"The problem is that the traditional exercise culture is not suitable for a huge percentage of the population.

I want to change that."


Justine Treadwell, Founder of Inclusive Movement

Meet your coach

Hi, I'm Justine

I'm an Osteopath, Kinesiologist, and a mom striving to make wellness accessible for everyone. My approach to wellness is grounded in my personal belief that fitness should be inclusive, enjoyable, and part of everyday life.

Through Inclusive Movement, I aim to bring this philosophy to life, offering a space where fitness is not just about workouts, but about building a supportive community, and nurturing our bodies and minds in a compassionate way.

But it wasn't always this way...

My transition from an athlete to a mother reshaped my view on fitness. It's not about 'no pain, no gain,' but about nurturing and balancing our bodies.

I'm here to demonstrate that fitness is accessible to all, not just those with trainers or gym memberships, but in the comfort of your own space and pace.

This is possible for you too

What's next?

1. Get the All-Access Pass

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2. Try before you buy

Pick the program that best suits your needs, and try it! Get 7 days straight, and you'll feel the difference!

3. Reach your goal

Gain strength, mobility and overall well-being! Enjoy the boost you get from feeling happier and healthier.


100% Risk Free • See the difference

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Are you ready to see the difference better wellness makes?

Unlock your path to wellness and vitality with the All-Access Pass. With each session, anticipate a surge in energy, an enhanced connection with your body, and the confidence to embrace daily challenges with newfound vigor. Take action now and redefine what fitness means to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Real talk, my friend

This is different, and you need to try it.

The All-Access Pass isn't just another workout plan; it's a gateway to a fitness journey that respects your needs, adapts to your pace, and celebrates your every victory.

With our focus on mobility, strength, and well-being, you'll discover exercises that feel like they were made just for you. Don't settle for generic fitness plans. Your best self awaits.

Here's what's waiting for you on the other side:

  • An easier time getting out of bed, bending over, and doing daily tasks
  • Better mobility and stretch, allowing for increased comfort in all positions
  • An improved whole-body wellness that will make your life more enjoyable
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  • Unlimited access to all video workouts
  • First access to new monthly programs
  • PDF guides and courses
  • Members-only community (Coming Soon)
  • Live workouts and Q&As with Justine (Coming Soon)
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