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4-Week Mobility Masterclass

Unlock greater mobility and establish lasting habits with Justine in this 4-Week Mobility Masterclass video series. Experience a transformative journey as you enhance flexibility, build strength, and learn techniques for daily mobility, all through easy-to-follow exercises suitable for any space at any pace.

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Become stronger and more flexible with easy-to-follow videos in a structured plan.


The 4-Week Mobility Masterclass is for you if...


Your mobility and strength has started to fade

Unlock your body's capabilities through soft exercises designed to strengthen and boost mobility from any level. Step by step, enhance your movement, fostering the assurance needed to maintain an active lifestyle.


Working out has never really worked for you

Forget the stress of intense workouts! Enjoy easy, rewarding exercises tailored to your pace and progress, seamlessly integrating fitness into your happier, healthier daily life.


Expert guidance helps motivate you to improve

Celebrate your achievements with our easy-to-navigate video lessons, designed for noticeable enhancements in just the first week. Enjoy step-by-step support that fuels your progress, making every small triumph worth celebrating.

This Masterclass Includes


Course Introduction

Start off with a quick course introduction, and learn about Inclusive Movement.


Week 1 • 5 Video Lessons

Gently introduce foundational movements in Week 1, focusing on building comfort with basic stretches and low-impact exercises to enhance flexibility and ease into your wellness journey.


Week 2 • 5 Video Lessons

Dive deeper, adding variety and slightly increased intensity to the foundational movements, with an emphasis on improving strength and mobility while maintaining a low-impact approach.


Week 3 • 6 Video Lessons

Continue progressing with more dynamic exercises in Week 3, integrating balance and coordination challenges to further boost your strength and mobility, while still keeping the workouts enjoyable.


Week 4 • 5 Video Lessons

Solidify your fitness habits in the final week by combining all the skills learned, focusing on fluidity and efficiency in movements, and preparing you for sustained wellness beyond the course.

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